Friday, July 4, 2008

Marti Domyancic and husband Bob have been doing upholstery for almost three decades now......Offering custom quality awnings for any trailer they have many colors of fabrics to match your classic trailer.....Marti & Bob are ative members of the vintage trailer community and are proud owners of a 1953 Crown camper and 1947 kit teardrop trailer.

click any picture to see the larger photo.

I love sewing trailer awnings......Bob and I make the rope and pole vintage type with the rope sewn in the trailer edge.....I make them in many colors and with or without fringe, scallops etc.
........Feel free to email or call me anytime.

Marti Domyancic

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The TinCan Cottage said...

Love Love Love My Awnings!
Marti's Awnings Are the Best!

Thank-You for sharing your Wonderful Talent and Passion for Vintage Trailers!


glimpse of my world said...

Marti, took the 62 Shasta out again this past weekned and everyone raved about my awning!! ((think it was the double fringe)) I am telling everyone about you!! hugs! Valarie

lisaray said...

These are just fantastic awnings. Its really a nice collection in your post. Thankyou for sharing it with us.

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lisaray said...

These awnings are just fantastic. I have made some structure for my greenhouse.

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Dave said...

Great post. The awnings are adorable and attractive. You really have a great collection of awnings there. Keep it up, and thank you for sharing.

psingh said...

it is Great post.So The awnings are adorable and attractive.

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Aikee Jung said...

Those window awnings got style, look at their colors, they are just popping.

albina N muro said...

chack out this!
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Jason Knight said...

I want to get an awning for my back patio sometime. I have an amazing view across the valley from my patio, but it gets way to hot in the summer. I just like having a place to go and relax outside.


Thiago daLuz said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, I'm really loving the vintage feel to these awnings. Do you think that these styles can work for home awnings? I'd kind of like to try one. Thiago |

Hickory Poscery said...

I love this style of awning. How did you make these? What type of material is the best for awnings?

Dolores Brown said...

I always thought awnings would only be used in a business building setting. I just realized they would be really helpful with a trailer. It creates just enough shade to pretend you have a porch.